Wellness Consulting

. . . . Our Approach to Wellness:

Our purpose is to empower you to be your best you!  When any single area of a person’s life is operating at less than par, this affects performance in every other area of their life. With this as a given, we take a holistic approach towards wellness with our clients, so as to create a wholeness in all areas of their life. This happens as changes occur in their subconscious programming, as it relates to the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels of life. As a natural byproduct, their physical world is then positively affected.

Since the economic changes of 2008 and the resulting corporate downsizing and upsurge in entrepreneurship, we have seen a multitude of mainstream corporate types taking the leap into their personal growth. While many of them have the technical business skills and knowledge, a good percentage of these professionals lack the proper mindset for true entrepreneurial success. As you probably realize, an entrepreneurial mindset is very different from a mainstream corporate job perspective. Many of these folks inadvertently choose to make adverse decisions that compromise them in obtaining their desired business outcomes. This self-sabotage syndrome goes back to the basic teachings of Napolean Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” and more recent authors such as Wayne Dyer, Kevin Trudeau, and Tony Robbins. Thus, we found ourselves needing to work with clients in the area of subconscious reprogramming in order to help them achieve what Ester Hicks calls getting into “vibrational accord” with their goals. Upon regaining a new “balance”, they could then achieve their funding goals and manifest the desired successes in their lives. We found that many of the clients we worked with also had relationship and stress and health related issues that interfered with their business performance and thus we have since expanded our consulting services to include this subconscious reprogramming in all the basic areas of life.

Now, in tandem with our funding and other wealth building services and by taking a more holistic approach to financial wellness, we advise and consult with clients on all types of life issues … from goal setting and manifestation to relationship and marriage issues to health and wellness reprogramming. Our clients do not need to only be seeking project funding or wealth creation services to access our wellness consulting, We use our extensive experience to provide them with services that help them control their daily ongoing challenges, with no-nonsense solutions that work in the real world … which can improve all areas of their lives.